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Friday, December 15, 2017
By Marleah Cramer Photography
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Anytime I've ever seen a path somewhere, I've always found it interesting.  How many times has this path been taken?  Who took those steps?  Where were they going?  

My grandma is a very outdoorsy lady.  She also has a very routine lifestyle and has many paths around her house.  They are comforting somehow as I know who made them.  As I was making sure my kids had fed the horses this morning it seems I saw one of ours for the first time.  I've been on it hundreds of times but never really thought about what it took to get there until today.  This is one of our paths and I can tell you the story it tells is one of struggle.  This path has been stomped by angry little boy feet that didn't want to feed.  This path was made on early cold mornings and hot August nights.  Rattlesnakes have traveled here and almost gotten us a time or two.  Little boys have ran this path to try to shoot a rabbit frantically trying to outrun them.  It's not much but it's our path and I saw it and just had to take a picture.  

Thursday, January 01, 2015
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I just watched an amazing video that I played on "accident".  It was so me...and I needed it.  It was famous photographer who shockingly has the same fears, doubts and self suffocating habits that I do.  Who knew!?  So I'm changing it.  2015 is going to be different.  My blog is going to become a reality...I am going to be brave enough to do what I want, without the inner voice telling me I can't...or I'm not good enough.  The only person hindering me is me.  It's always been my thing.  I got a degree in accounting but didn't take the CPA exam because of all the excuses I made...but the real reason was I didn't think I would pass, and what you don't take you don't fail.  So I turned to my little hobby of photography into a business (and not overnight either...but that's another post) thinking it would be different.  I've studied, read books, magazines, and blogs, gone to numerous schools and studied under really great photographers and continue to pursue the never ending quest to be good.  But the fear of failure is still there and now my heart is wrapped up in images I pray my clients will love.  It is worse this time than with accounting because my heart is in it.  But I am good and getting better every day, not because it just happens, but because i work very hard at it.  My clients do love me and will contintue to.  I am not going to let my inner voice change or hinder what I want.  One of the things I'm doing as a personal photography project is the #thebethadillychallenge.  Just for fun.  So everyday I will be posting my image. The first is Resolutions..

Saturday, March 16, 2013
By Marleah
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Dreams are like anything else...they're hard work!  Today I witnessed a little boy working his dream.  He comes from a long line of ropers, and while talent is passed down, it doesn't come easy.  Every morning before school he is outside roping.  After school he gets on his horse and ropes some more.  I know one day all that hard work will pay off and we will see him in the bright lights!  Below are some pictures I took of Kadin today at a roping in Lovington.  We are so proud of you Kadin!

Friday, March 15, 2013
By Marleah Cramer
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I don't really have much to say...I'm not a writer and don't pretend to be.  I just love photography and art.  It has become a big part of my life and I'm starting this blog to push my creative juices to new levels!  I have always loved looking at artwork.  In college I was forced to take an art appreciation class that I had heard was just horrible.  One day as I looked around class, people were nodding off...some already dreaming and I was loving it!! To me, looking at images is like peeping in people's windows!  (Is that weird?) It is a glimpse into someone's inner most being, a feeling, a journey to somewhere I've never been.  I just can't get enough.